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What is NFTs And Its Use Cases Explained

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Bhavesh Patel

September 12, 2022

Recently, there has been a lot of excitement surrounding blockchain technology and digital currency. As a result, you must have encountered the term "tokens" while researching the blockchain. The distinctions between coins and tokens have been extensively discussed in numerous articles in the blockchain industry.

The moment has come to talk about a significantly new and advanced type of token called a non-fungible token. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be bought and sold on a blockchain-based online marketplace (NFTs) also termed as NFT Marketplace like “Binance”. The potential of NFTs in influencing the future of blockchain has been highlighted in many NFT experts' research. They have consequently drawn a lot of interest from consumers and enthusiasts in all fields.

A Brief History of Non-Fungible Tokens

It is crucial to establish a basic understanding of the background of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) before we begin analyzing NFT use cases. Anything described as "fungible" means that a similar item could be used in its place. Therefore, a fungible token is any kind of token that may be exchanged for an equivalent item. NFTs cannot under any circumstances be interchangeable since they are unique.

In the realm of blockchain and cryptocurrency, tokens are a crucial component. They are used for many purposes and are available in a variety of forms. One of the token varieties with distinct features and uses is the non-fungible token. It is crucial to concentrate on fungibility because the majority of cryptocurrencies want to act as a universal medium of exchange.

Unquestionably, fungibility is a key component of all renowned cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. NFT, however, has developed into a novel token variation with several distinctive properties and intriguing uses. At the same time, non-fungible tokens are a relatively new idea that is challenging to comprehend. As a result, the idea of non-fungible tokens, their characteristics, uses, and future may give rise to grave questions in the minds of some.

Understanding NFTs

What does NFT mean, then? It basically consists of a unique kind of token created using cryptographic hashing techniques and uses blockchain technology to link with a distinct digital asset that cannot be duplicated. NFTs have distinctive qualities and cannot be exchanged for or redeemed for identical tokens.

NFTs' internal smart contracts assist in storing the distinctive and exclusive data that sets them apart from other tokens. Another quality of NFTs is indivisibility. Like with Bitcoins, it is impossible to send non-fungible tokens in smaller amounts. Therefore, you couldn't give someone a share of a specific NFT. Non-fungible tokens play a special function in the blockchain ecosystem as a result of their distinctiveness.

Token Guidelines & Standards

It is crucial to comprehend one of the key elements of NFT operations before delving further into their use cases. To establish a successful token application, blockchain developers must adhere to specified token criteria related to blockchain. Let's examine the many blockchain token standards that are crucial to the operation of NFTs.


The use of the ERC-20 token standard by cryptocurrency tokens produced on Ethereum is significant. For the purpose of assuring compatibility and interoperability with exchanges or wallets functioning inside the Ethereum ecosystem, the ERC-20 standard is a set of guidelines that particular objects must adhere to.


The ERC-721 token standard is different from the ERC-20 token standard in as it focuses on a single unique asset without interchangeability. For assets that cannot be divided, such as certifications or asset tokenization, it gives representation. Information is stored in the customized smart contracts of all ERC-721-compliant tokens.


Without a doubt, ERC-721 is appropriate for producing new assets that you can move between wallets. A variety of ERC-721-based tokens, however, is typically slow and insufficient. The creation of NFTs may see revolutionary changes as a result of ERC-1155. It's interesting to note that ERC-1155 supports apps using both fungible and non-fungible tokens.

(Non-Fungible Token) NFT UseCases

The reality of NFTs is that they may demonstrate genuine ownership proof of particular assets on the blockchain. NFTs can restrict, hold, or refuse an individual's access to certain assets, preserving the owner's exclusivity.

You shouldn't take lightly the NFT's abilities for simpler originality verification and the dearth of information on digital platforms. With that said, let's look more closely at the many use cases for non-fungible tokens, which are as follows:


Digital Art, is the most common application for NFT Tokens as it represents creativity and technology mix in a whole new way. Different limited-edition works of art are currently available. It's interesting that they permit programmability for adjustments under various conditions. So it has unique NFT features. The ease with which digital art and assets can be stolen and replicated is one of the primary reasons why NFTs are beneficial in the metaverse. Artists can create works that can react to changes in the value of digital assets on blockchains by using smart contracts and oracles. Once real-world assets and various works of art are tokenized, non-fungible token use cases may be appealing to the legacy arts sector.


With the promise of benefits for all supply chain partners, fashion blockchain has been able to integrate effortlessly into the industry. Consumers could quickly check the ownership details of their goods and accessories digitally, lowering the risk of fraud from counterfeiting. Users might simply scan a QR code that is printed on price tags for clothing and accessories that are in the shape of an NFT. As a result, buyers may clearly understand data like the location of the asset's creation. Wearable NFTs have generated a lot of excitement in the fashion industry. To put it plainly, a wearable NFT is any article of apparel or accessory that can be used to adorn an avatar in a virtual environment. This includes things like dresses, shirts, pants, sunglasses, and bags.

Certificates and Licenses

The use of NFT in licensing and certification verification scenarios can potentially have significant advantages. Successful candidates are typically given digital or paper-based course completion certificates, as well as any other degree or certification. Before extending an employment offer to a candidate for a position in a firm or institute, universities and employers want copies of the course completion certificate as references.


One of the most significant non-fungible token use cases is collectibles. In fact, one of the first ways that individuals learned about the use of NFTs was through online collectibles like Cryptokitties. In essence, these are special digital kittens that people can breed to create special kittens.


One of the major problems affecting the sports sector is counterfeit items and tickets. Blockchain is providing the ideal solutions for easily resolving such problems. Blockchain technology's immutability aids in preventing the problem of fake tickets and collectibles.

To Sum Up NFT Features

Therefore, it is obvious that non-fungible token applications are becoming increasingly significant in a variety of industries. Since the release of a test version of Crypto Kitties in 2017, NFTs have seen a marked increase in popularity. One of the industries with the greatest number of active NFT use cases is the gaming industry.

While doing so, other sectors are gradually adopting NFTs by ensuring asset tokenization and blockchain integration. Industries can now use NFT tokens to integrate blockchain, which is a significant plus for the token's increasing popularity. The use of NFTs as a backup strategy for choosing a crypto address or keeping personal data on blockchain will be fueled in the future by the expanding use of blockchain. Therefore, NFTs may surely foretell a time when individuals would use cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in everyday chores without even realizing it.

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