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Enhancing NFT Dynamics: ERC-6059 Revolutionizes Nesting and Parental Control

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Nirav Bhagat

March 15, 2024


As the NFT 2.0 trend continues to evolve, ERC-6059 emerges as a pivotal standard in the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This standard introduces groundbreaking features that enable one NFT to autonomously manage or oversee another NFT, ushering in a new era of nesting capabilities within the NFT ecosystem.

Empowering NFTs with Parental Control

ERC-6059 revolutionizes the concept of NFT ownership by allowing one token to independently govern another, eliminating the need for external permissions or smart contracts. This innovation fosters a parent-child relationship among NFTs, akin to building a digital family tree where certain tokens assume authoritative roles over others.

Exploring Use Cases:

  1. Collectibles and Games:
    In the realm of gaming, NFTs equipped with ERC-6059 can mimic familial structures, enabling tokens like the "Big Dragon" card in "Dragon Quest" to curate and manage other in-game assets such as warrior cards, wizard cards, and treasures. This dynamic enhances gameplay by introducing strategic decision-making and social interactions.

  2. Virtual House in Game:
    Within virtual environments like "Virtual Town," NFTs imbued with ERC-6059 can transform digital properties into interactive spaces where users can customize and manipulate various items within their virtual abodes. This feature facilitates social engagement and economic activities, such as hosting events or leasing virtual spaces.

  3. Supply Chain Tracking:
    For businesses, ERC-6059 presents opportunities in supply chain management by enabling each product to be represented by an NFT, with parent NFTs signifying batches or shipments. This implementation streamlines tracking processes, ensuring transparency and authenticity throughout the supply chain.


While ERC-721 remains prevalent in many gaming projects, exploring alternative NFT standards such as ERC-6059 is paramount for catering to specific requirements. In the realm of gaming and beyond, ERC-6059 offers a myriad of features that have the potential to elevate user experiences and operational efficiencies.

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