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Best Ecommerce Strategies That’ll Help You Boost Your Website Traffic And Sales

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Chintan Thakkar

June 1, 2022

With the continuously evolving world and technologies, the internet ecosystem keeps on becoming more and more competitive. Therefore, as a business owner, it’s high time for you to come up with a solution that can make your brand stand out from the competitors. Here comes the role of an optimal ecommerce strategy.

Big and well-establish businesses already get the most out of the peak sales times. But what about the small ecommerce businesses that are just getting started? How can they profit from the ecommerce business? How can they increase their share in the ecommerce market? Or even if your company already covers a big chunk of the ecommerce industry, how do you plan to expand in the future?

Coming up with a suitable ecommerce strategy for your business is one of the best options available. It’ll help you keep pace with the changing technologies as well as meet your consumer’s expectations.

Experts predict a great deal of change in the future trends of the ecommerce ecosystem and the approach we follow to conduct the business. From quick delivery service to five-star customer rating, there are a number of factors that need to be considered when establishing an ecommerce website strategy. It helps to ensure efficacy and relevancy.

So, in this article, we’ll go over some of the key elements to think about when you develop your ecommerce strategy.

Integrate Social Media Into Your Ecommerce Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click methods are no longer the only options for ecommerce marketing. Social media networks can be utilized to drive traffic to your website and raise brand recognition in a targeted fashion. This is not a tactic that’s new in the market. This marketing method has been around for quite a while. Yet it continues to be an effective and successful way to grow website traffic and increase the conversion rate. Incorporating sponsored adverts on the social media platform, connecting with industry influencers, and creating fan pages or business profiles are all necessary components of the successful implementation of an ecommerce strategy. The latter allows you the opportunity to share important stuff with your customers, such as promotional offers, deals, relevant videos, and many other things.

To Increase Sales, Effectively Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is a budget-friendly method for driving visitors and increasing conversion rates. It isn’t required to come up with something new, but your email marketing should be designed to meet the expectations of today’s digital customers. E-newsletters, unlike traditional newsletters, are much more interactive and intriguing. E-newsletters enable you to keep the customers updated regarding your latest product offerings, deals, or upcoming products or services. It saves their efforts of directly visiting the website to get updates. In addition to this, customers even show interest when they receive helpful recommendations on how they can optimize their online experience. You can do so by providing tutorials from time to time or simple informational articles on topics of interest.

Use videos to entice customers

Video marketing is a recognized way to boost traffic and engagement on your ecommerce site. As per Brightcove, there are around 50 times more chances for a video to show up on the first page of Google search results. Thus, having video material relating to the products or services you provide on channels like YouTube or any other prominent video hosting site can prove to be beneficial for your business. You may incorporate promo videos or similar content on your website to provide visitors with an insight into how their experience will be while shopping from you or what they can expect when buying your products online. Ecommerce websites could also make good use of social media platforms that offer live broadcasting, such as Live video broadcasts on Facebook or Instagram, stories, reels, etc., to keep customers up to date on their brand’s activities at all times.

Boost Conversion Rates by Segmenting Your Customer Base

Because ecommerce marketing techniques aren’t one-size-fits-all, it’s critical to understand what your clients want and what their online preferences are. Understanding this will help you convince them to buy from you rather than your competitors. According to Econsultancy’s study, “segmented email marketing has the greatest ROI.” Therefore, it’ll positively affect your business if you establish an email list tailored to your clients’ demography, preferences, and habits. You can create more successful ecommerce marketing campaigns that appeal specifically to your potential buyer personas by generating focused lists with certain criteria like gender, age group, and other similar elements. Ecommerce websites could also emphasize their “About Us” pages or choose a blog that allows them to connect and start discussions with their consumers giving relevant information regarding the product updates, latest initiatives, and other brand activities.

To Increase Conversions, Adopt Personalization

Consumers who love exploring and purchasing things on an individual level are increasingly turning to personalized ecommerce techniques. Custom web design ecommerce websites have the ability to automatically showcase particular products based on the user’s requirements such as geographic region, gender, age, and so on. Furthermore, tailored emails can be utilized to further the promotional objectives by emphasizing products that meet the customer’s search criteria based on previous purchases. To provide a perfect social purchasing experience, ecommerce businesses should pay extra attention to social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Ecommerce businesses must incorporate such features in their website, which allows the users to build personalized accounts on the websites so they can share their preferred products with family and friends, make product suggestions, and find the latest or trending products from certain influencers or businesses.


An ecommerce strategy can be as precise or as broad as you like, but it plays a crucial role in determining the success of your business and achieving your objectives. While creating a strategy for your ecommerce business, stay updated on ecommerce trends as well as how technologies will progress over the next 5-10 years. It’ll help you to keep your website engaging and avoid becoming obsolete to your clients.

We hope that the ecommerce tactics we discussed today will assist you in expanding your ecommerce marketplace. Feel free to contact us at digitalroar.ae if you want any assistance with ecommerce strategy development and website designing. Because we are a prominent digital marketing and web development & designing company in Dubai, we would be happy to assist you.

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